Global News Funnel

First of all, if you landed on this blog, and even more on this page, you deserve a big thank you for your time and consideration.

Secondly, let me state this up front: this blog is not a registered magazine nor a source of official information. It is an exercise. It is the exercise of the author's interests in world affairs, international relations and a bit of religious freedom.

Global News Funnel is my idea of blogging on these particular issues and it is the product of my readings and perusing of online and printed materials. When I will find something particularly interesting I will try to look at the issue from different perspectives and post a brief summary on this blog with links or references to the original sources. Here is the idea of the "funnel." Likewise, I may simply comment on current news and events.
My personal goal is to practice my writing, reporting and analytics skills while at the same time (hopefully) providing a forum to share information, personal views and, ultimately, knowledge on the topics covered.

I hope you will enjoy browsing and reading through this blog and I look forward to read your comments and engage with you over these wonderful topics.

 All the best,          
Francesco Di Lillo